A Platform for Trusted Cross-Organizational Data Workflows

KnowledgeX lets you process data across organizational boundaries. With complete control, privacy and governance.

Data Management, Control & Audit - Across Boundaries

What KnowledgeX offers

A Platform for Buidling Trusted Applications

The KnowledgeX Platform lets you build trusted applications. Define who can process what data where and when. In the end audit it. Development is possible with our easy to use SDK.

Trusted Environment for Data Processing

KnowledgeX offers an environment for trusted data processing. This environment can be configured to executed data science tasks on-premise, in the cloud, or using Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) with Intel SGX. In that way, data owners never surrender control over their valuable data.

Full Control Over Your Data

Option 1: Data Anlysis on Your Premises

The data stays on the owner’s premises. The collaborators work with a sample set but never gets the full data set.

Option 2: Data Analysis in the Cloud

The data is processed in the cloud environment of the owner’s choice. Collaborators can execute their analysis scripts there and only receive the output - never the input data sets.

Option 3: Data Analysis in secure Enclaves

The data is processed in a trusted execution environment (Intel SGX enclave) in the KnowledgeX cloud. Collaborators work with a sample set but never get the full data set. Not even the cloud provider has access to the data. KnowledgeX enables data analysis on the highest confidentiality level.

How it Works

Want to learn more about the details? Check out our technical explanation.

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