The KnowledgeX Platform

What it does and how it works

What the KnowledgeX Platform is

KnowledgeX is a platform that combines blockchain technology and confidential computing to enable secure data processing for inter-organizational business processes. It provides an end-to-end process with four key advantages. KnowledgeX lets multiple parties manage their data (I) and authorize them to use it in confidential computing interactions (II). With confidential computing, we can securely enforce these processing agreements. KnowledgeX lets organizations orchestrate and execute data processing tasks across company boundaries without the possibility of data leakage (III). In the end, the platform creates a tamper-proof audit trail of all data processing tasks, inputs, and outputs across all involved parties (IV).

KnowledgeX is a platform that enables different trust-aware inter-organizational applications. Right now we have the KnowledgeX data science marketplace as our first application on the platform.
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Application: KnowledgeX Data Science Marketplace

The first use case that is currently live and open for use is the KnowledgeX Data Science Freelance Marketplace. Currently, there is a worldwide shortage of data scientists. In 2020, over 250k in-house data science positions could not be filled. Data scientists are usually highly skilled experts. In such a case, other industries have embraced gig-based freelance work. Platforms like Upwork, Fiver, or Comatch enable experts and clients to match, agree on terms, and work. However, for data science, a freelancer spot market has never evolved. The reason why this never happened is simple: companies do not trust externals with their valuable data. The KnowledgeX Data Science Marketplace enables freelancers to build models on data while they do not have controlling access to it and only see an anonymized sample of the actual data set. Our confidential computing paradigm enables freelancers to work without seeing the full data set.
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KnowledgeX is in Beta now

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